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Links can now be added inside info tag descriptions.

Delight your audience by giving them all the information they need in one place.

Links can direct your viewers to

  • Read more about what they just saw
  • Respond to a call-to-action to increase engagement
  • Visit another 3D Space



Load time for your Spaces is now up to three times faster with Quickstart, a new feature that loads Spaces almost instantaneously. One click, no waiting.

Perfect for viewing on any mobile device, your audience is immediately immersed in your Spaces.

Labels in 3D Showcase

Help viewers understand the layout of a Space immediately by adding Labels to your 3D Showcase.

Highlight all the regions of a Space so your audience doesn’t miss any important areas, give square footage at a glance, show guests where amenities are located, or mark where future rooms will be built in construction projects.


Labels are limited to 24 characters and are visible in Floorplan View only.


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