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More value for your Spaces

This week, we are excited to announce a number of enhancements that provide better details, better navigation, and better control:

  • Improved quality of Snapshots and 3D Showcases
  • New Snapshot management tools to save you time
  • Faster navigation in 3D Showcases to save your audience time
  • More control over 3D and VR experiences


Higher quality Snapshots and better Snapshot management brings clarity to your audience and saves you valuable time.

Higher Quality Snapshots & Bulk Downloads*

Spaces are now processed with higher quality images! Use these new Snapshots from your Spaces for all your digital marketing needs.

Zooming for Snapshots*

A higher quality view in the back end Workshop means you can zoom in or out to take Snapshots. Show off more details in a close-up view or take a wider-range shot of an entire room.

After you open the Snapshot Tool from the Toolbar, simply click the plus or minus sign at the top to zoom, and take a Snapshot as normal. You can zoom in to 200% and out to 70%. Please note that if these Snapshots are included in a Highlight Reel, they will show at 100% in 3D Showcase.


As a bonus, you can also include Assets in your Snapshots. Show Measurements, Labels, and infotag Posts in your downloaded images or Highlight Reels as necessary. Just select the eye icon next to the word Assets and click the camera icon.

Labels are visible in Floorplan View only. If your view contains any Measurements or Labels, your Snapshots will be shown in Mesh mode. These photos are best suited for sharing floor plans and room sizes internally.

*Please note these new features only apply to Spaces processed after August 25, 2016. 


Higher quality and faster 3D Showcases give your viewers an improved navigation experience through your Spaces.

Zooming in 3D Showcase*

In addition to your Snapshots, the in-3D Showcase experience is now higher quality, too! Viewers can now use standard plus and minus zooming buttons to see more details from any view.


Gain complete confidence that you are showing off every inch of your Space with zoom. Check out the brand name of an appliance, the pattern of a floor tile, or the art description in a gallery.

Increased 3D Showcase Navigation Speed*

Moving through a Space has never been faster. We have improved the download and presentation of each 3D panorama in your 3D Showcase, so there is almost zero loading time moving between scan positions.

Your audience will spend more time engaging and less time waiting!

*Please note these new features only apply to Spaces processed after August 25, 2016.

Show & Hide 3D Scan points

It’s now easier and faster to tailor your 3D Showcase experience. In back end workshop, you can now simply hover over a scan position directly in the Viewport, and click Hide or Show. To save even more time, hold the Control button on your keyboard and click a scan position to toggle between the two options.

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